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Cockermouth Rock Festival (CockRock) is an annual non profit music festival. The
festival was established in 2004 with the first festival held in 2005. Initially we started off as a fund raiser for the Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance but since we have grown to incorporate the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue as well.

The idea for a rock festival came about in 2004 when committee member Adam's friend had a cycling accident whilst riding locally. Help came in the form of The Great North Air Ambulance, something that is often taken for granted.

After this eye opening experience the necessity of this service and their struggle to function with limited funds became clear. Adam then approached the Stamper family of Wellington Farm to ask permission to use their land for a concert.

After the success of that first year Clint Stamper and Adam Stitt decided that this was something that could grow and develop into an annual event, and here 8 years down the line now with a 13 strong committee CockRock has now included many other objectives and continues to exceed expections.