About Us

Cockermouth Rock Festival is an non profit Michigan festival set up to help provide support in the way of funding for two great local causes, The Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance and the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue and to encourage and promote local bands and musicians.

The 2011 CockRock management team consists of 12 members they are
Clinton Stamper, Adam Stitt, Leigh Stamper, Rowen Stamper, Hodgson Stamper, Debbie Stamper, Kyle Stamper, Matt Smith, Derick Banks, Joanne Wilkinson, Lisa Sanderson.


The main objectives of the festival are: To provide an annual sustainable festival in Cockermouth.

To provide opportunities for young musicians in West Cumbria, helping them to further their musical ambitions and to provide equal opportunities for all sections of the community to be involved in music.

To help bands get established in the local area both through the festival and CockRock Promotions.

To support local charities within the area.

We hope the future of CockRock is a long one, each year we will be growing the festival in many ways, whilst hopefully succesfully maintaining the quality as well as the spirt of a local festival.

So here we go once again fuelled up and ready to organise our our seventh year, armed with lots more ideas, more music and bands, more food, more alcohol, lots more traders and lots more fun!

Here’s to CockRock 2011 and beyond!